Friday, September 27, 2019

Final Track Day for 2019 - NYST with S2K Takeover

Despite the damp, cold and extremely foggy conditions leading up to the first session, today was about as good as it gets. Sunny, not too warm and perfectly dry track. This is my last track day for the season and doing it with S2K Takeover was the best way to do it. It's always such a chill, friendly environment where you can go out and just enjoy driving your car and improve on your own times among friends. We had so many sessions, I didn't even do them all. I think I stopped after a total of around 2 hours of seat time. I had frankly used up all the adrenaline I could muster and I've always made it a point to stop anytime I notice my mind starting to wander. That's usually when you go from having a great time to having a really bad time all in a split second so I know myself enough to call it quits while I'm ahead.

Showing up at sunrise - NYST - 9-27-2019
S2K Takeover
My goal was to have fun, bring the car home in one piece on its own power and maybe at least try to improve on my personal best time at this track. I'm happy to say that I was able to do all three. This track isn't very forgiving when it comes to mistakes so I've always left enough safety margin to correct mistakes if needed. With each session I just focused on one specific corner at a time, trying different lines to see how they felt and pushing the car just a little bit more to explore the limits without just trying to pull a hail mary.

Track day complete - 9-27-2019

NYST - 9-27-2019

In the end, I found almost a second improvement from my previous visits here with a new personal best at 1:43:37 as measured by Track Addict hooked up to my QStarz external GPS. There's still plenty of time to be had out there but I'm quite content incrementally working my way to a better time with each visit. Some people thrive on doing track events because of competition. For me, it's much more about being in an environment where I can use potential of the car and learn new things. On a side note, the Advan A052s are working fantastically as a track tire. The grip is pretty consistent lap after lap with good feedback. I'm still somewhat rubbing on the rear bumper tabs so I'll have to do a bit more trimming for clearance but I'm definitely very happy with these tires so far.

Bumblestook @ S2KTakeover - NYST - 9-27-2019 - 1:43:37 - New PB

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