Thursday, January 30, 2014

Motor Mounts, Cooling Upgrades and Air Pump Delete

With only 2 weeks left before the first event of the season, it was time to get cracking and finish up what was left to get done on Bumblestook. One thing I had been wanting to get done for some time now was to improve the cooling for summer track days. I ended up convincing JDV to sell me his old Koyo radiator with Integra FAL fan setup. We also replaced the stock thermostat with a Mugen one (yeah, of course we did). I also wanted stiffer motor and tranny mounts so the stock rubber ones were replaced with Innovative 75A mounts. These mounts make a very noticeable difference. No movement anywhere. Intense (massage chair like) vibrations everywhere and anything loose will rattle but who cares right? Because Race Car!

Koyo Radiator with Integra FAL fans - 2/24/2012
Mugen thermostat, Mugen radiator and oil cap,
Innovative 75A Motor/Tranny Mounts - 2/14/2012
Stock radiator out - 2/24/2012
New (to me) radiator in - 2/24/2012
Stock motor mounts were still in good shape - 2/24/2012
Samco radiator hose - 2/24/2012
S2000s have an air pump that sends air towards the cat so that it heats up faster for emissions purposes. I really didn't need this so I got a block off plate and air pump simulator so we could get rid of all these extra pieces and save weight.This stuff eventually fails anyway generating a CEL. Definitely useless for a track car.

Air pump delete kit, Block off plate - 2/24/2012
All the air pump/EGR crap we took out - 2/24/2012
Once it was all done, we finally put the splitter back on after leaving it off for the winter. She was almost ready, just a few more odd ends to sort out.

APR splitter re-installed - 2/24/2012

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Moton Tripples

While I had my Moton club sports out, an opportunity to buy Moton tripples came up. They had been used on a time trial car and were recently serviced by PSI in California. Jeremy bought my club sports and I picked the tripples up and Jeremy helped me install them at his house.

Moton tripples - 2/12/2012
I had them shipped to Jeremy's place so he could move my springs over so the install itself was straightforward.

Moton front canisters installed - 2/12/2012
Front shocks in - 2/12/2012
Rear shocks in - 2/12/2012
Rear canisters installed - 2/12/2012
Of course with my luck, it started snowing pretty hard by the time we were done and I had to drive home in the snow on star specs. They actually felt pretty good and I got home ok. That evening I went to see Billman, who I had asked to redo the welds on my Buddy Club seat rails. I simply didn't trust the weld they came with so he redid all of them to put my mind at ease.

Re-welded Buddy Club Seat Rails - 2/12/2012
Re-welded Buddy Club Seat Rails - 2/12/2012

More Mugen stuff and bronze wheels

I really can't help myself when it comes to Mugen stuff so when I found a Mugen steering wheel for sale, I had to pick it up and match it up with a Mugen shift knob.

Mugen Steering Wheel - 2/3/2012
Mugen shift knob - 2/7/2012
I was also going for a new look and was in search for some bronze wheels so when Jeremy sold me his set of 17x9 949 Racing 6ULRs. I picked them up and had a fresh set of Dunlop Direzza Z1 star specs on them. 

Bronze 949 Racing 6URL - 2/5/2012
So when we got a bit of a warm day I put the new wheels on and installed the new (to me) steering wheel and shift knob.

Bronze wheels on - 2/9/2012
New Mugen interior in - 2/9/2012