Saturday, March 25, 2017

First event of 2017

After a fairly mild winter, we finally got to have our first autocross today. With the recent cold spell, I didn't really want to bring out Bumblestook so to get my feet wet for the 2017 season I decided to bring Lupa out instead and have Rad codrive with me since his car isn't ready yet.

NNJR SCCA Autocross - Metlife Stadium - 3/25/2017
I woke up extra early probably because I was excited and got to the site around sunrise. There was some forecasted rain later in the day and we all wanted to get our runs in before the skies opened up. It was the first time for me to run the Solostorm setup I picked up over the winter for datalogging. Hopefully it'll be useful to learn where I can improve this year. At the very least it adds some eye candy to the autocross videos.

NNJR SCCA- 3/25/2017

Overall I think we ran decent times but not fast enough. We were clearly rusty and it was tough getting used to street tires again. While there are certainly improvements that can be made to Lupa's setup, I think a lot of time was lost in our own mistakes. She's a great learning tool though and I'm hoping to do another event next week to see if I can learn some more.