Saturday, December 5, 2015

Winter Demodding

When I built Lupa for STR over the summer, I knew that my old Moton Clubsports were long overdue for a rebuild and possibly a revalve (since they were valved for a B-Stock spring setup).  With some baseline data gathered from previous events, I decided that it would be best to pull the shocks off now and have them worked on over the winter so we'd be in tip top shape for next season. It would also be a good opportunity to fix/replace one of the rear shock bodies where there's an issue with the threads making ride height adjustment extra difficult.

Motons removed - 12/5/2015
We lucked out today with some good weather so I went over to see Hez and we used his new QuickJack to make quick work of swapping in the OEM shocks/springs and OEM wheels again.

OEM shocks back in - 12/5/2015
OEM 4x4 stance - 12/5/2015
In reality, Lupa will probably be washed and tucked away for the winter so the 4x4 like OEM stance isn't really a problem for me. It is pretty incredible how great the OEM shocks work and feel out of the box but they're definitely no match in competition to the Moton goodness.

Motons off the car with springs removed ready for relaving - 12/5/2015

Demodding Lupa for the winter - 12/5/2015

As an interesting side note, I took a picture of the tread on the RE-71s on the Koseis after 4 events with codrivers and 4000 miles (including the recently 3000 mile road trip I did). Surprisingly, the wear was even and I still have plenty of tread left for some serious competition next season. Great job there Bridgestone!

Rear RE-71s after 4000 miles - 12/5/2015