Saturday, November 17, 2018

Winter Prep

A few weeks ago I switched over to my winter wheel and tire setup (Enkei RPF1s with Continental DWS tires). I don't really plan on driving Bumblestook over the winter but I wanted to get off the Mugen MF10s so I could properly clean and store them so the RE71s wouldn't flat spot. I took the wheels to a nearby self-service car wash, sprayed them down with Adam's Deep Wheel Cleaner, and gave them a nice long rinse to get all the brake dust off so they wouldn't cake over and put them away in my storage.

Cleaning Mugen MF10s - 11-17-2018
I was supposed to take my car to the dyno and for a final car wash this week but the premature winter storm we got on Thursday night pretty much killed that idea. The temps are back to normal but unfortunately, there's plenty of salt on the roads now and it's simply not worth taking her out anymore. I decided it was time to put her away for the winter so I cleaned her as best I could in the garage which was easy since she was washed by the body shop after the recent repairs so the only real issues were the few water spots on the paint. 

Science of Speed car cover - 11-17-2018
I finally got to put on the Science of Speed form fitting car cover in yellow that I ordered several months ago. It fits perfectly on the car even with the CR lip, Mugen wing, and the wide body. It's snug but not overly tight and fully covers the car all the way to the ground if I want. I also took the battery out of since I don't have a battery tender (no power in the garage) and I'm thinking about going with a bigger battery next year anyway since I'm getting sick of worrying about keeping a small battery charged enough to start the car a few times a month. 

Science of Speed car cover - 11-17-2018
Science of Speed car cover - 11-17-2018
Sad to think that I won't be driving her until March at the earliest but I'm happy for all the things we were able to accomplish this year. Looking forward to more fun next year but for now, the winter slumber begins. 

Friday, November 9, 2018

Hood and Hardtop Repair

When I got Bumblestook painted earlier this year I specifically bought extra paint since my plan was to color match the Mugen hood in case there were any issues with the carbon weave upon arrival. You never really know how carbon fiber parts will arrive especially when shipped across the world. The Mugen hood was for the most part super mint but unfortunately, during shipping, the trucking company must've not been particularly careful and despite the box itself being in good shape, the hood was transported with the pointy edge down. This damaged one corner slightly.

Mugen hood shipping damage
I contact King Motorsports and they were amazing. They offered to completely replace it with the only Mugen hood left in the country especially since I had waited 8 months for it. Since the damage was pretty minimal and shipping hoods back and forth would be a big hassle for me, they offered an alternative which was to give me a pretty generous partial refund on the hood. I was ok with this because I knew the hood could be repaired for much less and I don't really care about resale value. Also, a few months ago, my hardtop had an unfortunate accident while off the car. It tipped backward and the corner got chipped pretty badly.

Hardtop damage 
With the season over, it was a perfect time to get the car back to K2 Auto Body in Edgewater where Eric took care of me right away. Unfortunately for the hood, with the incredible tight Mugen weave, just redoing the epoxy wasn't going to make it look right. Instead, we both agreed that the best thing to do to make the damage clean and not noticeable would be to spray that corner with some black paint and clear coat the edge again. The rest of the hood was just too mint to touch if we could avoid it. I obviously could've gone with my original plan to just color match the entire hood but I decided I could always do that at a later time in case the hood sustained any further cosmetic damage. I think it came out really great. If I don't specifically point it out or take a closeup shot, I don't think anyone would really notice.

Hood repaired - 11-9-2018
The hardtop was similarly repaired and the corner repainted and blended. They did an incredible job and I couldn't even tell which part was resprayed.

Hardtop repaired - 11-9-2018
Big thanks again to Eric and his team at K2 Auto Body for making her perfect again. Both the hardtop and the hood was repaired for less than what King Motorsports gave me back so that was a big plus. We've got a dyno appointment next week to see what kind of power (if any) the PasswordJDM intake makes over the K&N FIPK and then she's pretty much getting washed and put away for the winter.