Friday, February 21, 2014

A few minor mods and the first win of 2012

I had a few extra parts and things on the TODO list that I didn't get around to before the Tobay event. The first was to add 10mm spacers all around. While this does make the wheels more flush, more importantly I had to do something up front since the wheels were hitting my brake ducts.

H&R Wheel Spacers - 3/24/2012
APR Extended studs leave plenty of tread left even with spacers - 3/24/2012
My DIY catch can was working quite well last year but it didn't look quote right in the engine bay so I ordered a catch can from Saikou Michi with the billet tie down. Really great piece that fits nicely next to the stock battery.

Saikou Michi Catch Can - 3/24/2012
Saikou Michi Catch Can - 3/24/2012
The rear bumper tabs were also shaved and relocated to get better tire clearance.

Relocated rear bumper tab - 3/24/2012
And since the engine bay was already looking pretty dapper and to fulfill my need for a bit of rice, some PasswordJDM radiator bracket stays. Actually I wanted black stays from the CR but those actually cost more than the PasswordJDM ones so in this case I was choosing the more frugal option to achieve the same look.

PasswordJDM Radiator Stay - 3/24/2012
The next day it was of the the Meadowlands for an autocross with the MSNE where I was able to take the win in B-class but more importantly was able to get the 2nd fastest time overall with only Don Slevin killing me in his Mustang GT on R-comps. Considering I was on street tire, I'd say I was pretty happy with that result. I also picked up the Zoom H4N audio recorder and was messing with it these events to see if I could capture better audio in my videos by mounting it to my windscreen and putting a dead cat on it. Definitely improvement in audio quality but it's such a pain to sync the audio in post I think I eventually gave up on doing it for regular events.

MSNE Autocross - Meadowlands, NJ - Winning Run

Final pre-season prep and first event of 2012

With only a few weeks left before the first event of the season, I had to finish up what was left to do. First up, a fresh set of NT01s were mounted on the track wheels.

NT-01 - 3/3/2012
Then it was off to SJF Performance so Steve could get my car aligned at its new ride height.

Aligned and ready for the season - 3/3/2012
The following week was the first event of the season and the first time trying out all the changes over the winter. To recap what was done:
  • Haltech Pro Plugin ECU tuned by Evans Tuning
  • Puddymod built AP2 diff housing with 4.3 FD and OS Giken LSD
  • Moton triple adjustable shocks
  • Recaro Pole position seats
  • Koyo Radiator, FAL fans and Mugen thermostat
  • Mugen hardtop
  • Mugen hard rubber front compliance bushings
  • Innovative 75A motor/tranny mounts
  • Fresh set of 255/40/17 Dunlop Direzza Star Specs all around
The car felt great. It was a chilly, windy day which it always is in early March by the beach but at least the surface was dry and it's always great to get the cobwebs off early.

Metro NY PCA - Tobay Beach - 3/11/2012
Photo Credit: CWong Photography

Metro NY PCA - Tobay Beach - 3/11/2012

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Compliance Bushing and Recaros

The day after getting all the cooling stuff installed, I headed over to see Billman to install the new Mugen compliance bushings in the front lower control arms. I had been feeling something weird up front and sure enough when he unbolted the control arm, the old compliance bushing just fell out.

Torn 10 year old compliance bushing -  2/25/2012
Nothing to fear of course because I had already purchased new compliance bushings which strangely Honda doesn't sell separately so I had to get Mugen ones which actually have the exact same OEM stamping on them but it supposed to be made of a harder rubber. They got pressed in and I was good to go. The bolt was seized to so that had to be sawed off and was replaced with a new bolt and anti-seized to death.

Mugen compliance bushing pressed in - 2/25/2012
New Mugen Compliance bushing installed - 2/25/2012
The next day, it was grilling / hanging out / tech meet time at 234. The weather was great for February so I took the opportunity to install the Recaro Pole Positions the I finally was able to get a hold of after my failed attempt to acquire them the previous year. These seats are so comfortable and just fit perfect inside the S2000. It doesn't even block the glove box or hit the door panel.

Received the Recaro Pole Position seats - 2/9/2012
Recaro Pole Position installed - 2/26/2012
Recaro Pole Position installed - 2/26/2012
Recaro Pole Position installed - 2/26/2012