Saturday, October 5, 2019

Tints Off, Brakes Refreshed - Ready for Inspection

I like a slight tint on cars but the previous owner put on some crazy 15% tint all around. Legalities for NYS aside, I just find this too dark especially for winter driving so I tried to garment steamer method to take the film off. It actually came out great but was incredibly time consuming to do right (35-45 minutes per window).

Steaming the tint to soften the adhesive - 10-5-2019
It left minimal residue (mostly in areas where I rushed a bit). These windows must've been tinted with the windows out or something because the tint extended to areas way past the trim so I don't even know how he got it there. This also made it tricky to grab an edge so I slit the top after heating to have something to grab onto.

Slitting and peeling the tint off - 10-5-2019
I think it came out ok. The factory/natural tint on the windows is actually nice so I think I'm going to keep it this way.

Before with 15% tint
After with OEM tint levels (70%?) - 10/5/2019
The last remaining item to get through before inspect was the rear brakes. The previous owner had replaced the front brakes only not too long ago with Zimmerman rotors and EBC red brake pads but opted to punt on the rear for a bit. It still had some rear braks left but I personally think it's on the low side so I put in new rotors and EBC green brake pads to keep the front bias of the brakes.

New rear rotors and pads - 10/5/2019
Rear brakes all buttoned up - 10/5/2019
I'll be finally registering it shortly to put the plates on and the car is now ready for NYS inspection. Now all the basics are out of the way we can start putting on the real mods.

Maintenance Update:

Mileage: 50,785
- New Zimmerman Rear Rotors
- EBS Green Brake Pads
- New TTY M14 bolts and set screw

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